Top Performer of the Year 2015

03-03-2016 -- admin

We are happy to announce that our colleague Mazen Bou Monsef has received the 2015 Top Performer Lumen award, as a recognition for his work and value-added contribution, in-line with the company’s spirit and vision.

  • Mazen Bou‐Monsef graduated from Sagesse University with a BS in Hospitality Management where he strengthened his theoretical curriculum with a palette of training expertise in all aspects of a hospitality operation.
  • Bou‐Monsef expanded his expertise by working for one of the leading F&B chains in Lebanon and the Middle East, Casper & Gambini’s, where he developed a well-groomed operations experience and customer approach.
  • At Lumen, Mazen has worked on several projects including Market research and studies, concepts development, and Strategic support. Furthermore, Mazen has developed a great knowledge of the Saudi Market through his involvement in the training & recruiting of employees for an award winning food chain in KSA over the last year.
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