A tailored approach to assisting clients

Lumen offers development, advisory and representation services in which our consultants have substantial experience.

We can assist at each stage of a project development life cycle as well as offer a comprehensive turnkey solution for the entirety of the project. Our advisory services enable established operations to benefit from the expertise of consultants to address head-on operational, managerial and strategic issues while our owner representation services enable business owners to enhance the performance of their properties or grow their businesses.

Project Development 

From hotels to restaurants and mixed-use developments to industrial food manufacturing, we have mastered the skills needed to conceptualize, develop, design, brand and operate projects through a combined experience in more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America with dozens of clients.

Hospitality Advisory 

In addition to developing new projects, we offer a variety of advisory services to help the already-established businesses.

The development of sound corporate and business strategies is essential to the survival of any organization. Lumen consultants, supported by their extensive experience working to develop and redevelop business structures, offer strategy advice to clients seeking to improve their business performance and grow.

Owner Representation 

As part of our commitment to building long term relationships, we provide owner representation services ranging from franchise assistance to asset management. Lumen will represent business owners to safeguard their interests and participate actively in achieving growth.

> Market Studies

Before embarking on and investing resources in a project, developers need to know whether a prospect is viable, why it is worth exploiting, and how it could be achieved. Market studies are the cornerstone of decisions. They provide the information investors and developers need to determine why, when, where, and how to develop a project. Such studies include consideration for demand characteristics and latest trends, competitive supply profiling and site analysis.

Lumen’s consultants conduct regularly flash and full-fledged market studies through field and desk research in various countries and cities of the MENA region.

> Concept Development

Typically, after the market study comes intense brainstorming as part of the concept research and development phase. Lumen consultants have developed a practical creative process that has proven results in hatching strong ideas and translating them into structured concepts.

Our consultant’s experience in creative concept development is expansive. Projects have included outstanding and award winning restaurants and resorts in Qatar, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. 

> Financial Planning

Once the market studied and concept developed, a Go!/No Go! financial feasibility study is undertaken. Based on a flexible control panel of assumptions, a typical feasibility would include projections for capital expenditure and revenues as well as profit & loss and cash flow statements. A thorough financial analysis would then look at operating break-even points, sensitivity scenarios, debt/equity financing alternatives and profitability ratios.

Our thorough approach to financial planning and ability to prepare professional business plans enabled many of our clients to successfully apply for bank loans or raise funds through financial institutions.

> Design Development Coordination

We have taken on the design development coordination of various projects, bringing together the talent and expertise required to bring hotels, resorts, entertainment venues, restaurants, clubs and other hospitality properties to fruition. This includes the sourcing and coordination of architects, interior and lighting designers, electro-mechanical engineers, branding experts and other such specialized consultants. Keeping within budget is key to the viability of any project hence we often coordinate a value engineering process whilst maintaining the integrity of the project, enabling our clients to minimize over-investment exposure.

Our consultants have coordinated the design development of small projects such as independent retail outlets as well as very large mixed-use real-estate schemes that would include leisure, residential, entertainment and commercial components, in several countries of the middle-east. Such undertakings included sourcing and coordinating with world-class specialty consultants from all over the globe.

> Project Management Coordination

Once the detailed design package is in place, strong project management is needed to ensure professional execution, on time and to budget. As owner representatives, Lumen can assist with the tendering process and coordinate with an appointed management company or contractor.

Our consultants have tendered, negotiated and successfully supervised dozens of multi-million dollar contracts for a wide array of projects.

> Operator Selection & Pre-Opening Support

Lumen consultants have also been instrumental in the selection of suitable operators and negotiated conditions and exit strategies on behalf of clients.

As part of Lumen’s commitment to follow-through with any project developed, our consultants provide the necessary support until the business is up and running. That’s why we offer pre-opening support that would typically include assistance in the sourcing of operating equipment, sourcing products and suppliers as well as helping identify and recruit key talent through our regional and international networks.

> Turnkey Solutions

From market study to pre-opening support, Lumen consultants have the experience, knowledge, professionalism and network to provide you with a comprehensive turnkey solution to give your project the dedicated hands-on support it needs from incubation to maturity.
We deliver a finished product, designed, engineered, constructed, branded and ready to operate.

> Diagnosis

Concrete strategies and execution plans often comes about following a diagnosis. Whether broad or specific, such analyses allow project owners and top managers to identify the weak links and challenges their businesses face along the solutions available to overcome them. As non-biased consultants with a fresh eye and perceptive tools, Lumen can review and offer advice in relation to all aspects of a running business including:

  • Marketing and communication
  • Branding and image
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Production and processes
  • Customer relationship management
  • Operations management
  • Information and communication technology
  • Talent management
  • Cost control
  • Finance
  • Corporate governance
> Strategy Advice

Diagnoses often result in a need for organizational restructuring, project repositioning, quality control programming and new concepts for product enhancements, all areas of expertise of Lumen consultants.

In that sense, many of our clients, whether small independent operations or multi-unit regional groups have benefited from such services. For example, Lumen consultants have assisted in devising and implementing realistic business turnaround solutions for some multi-unit restaurant groups, for some other it resulted in a strategic repositioning exercise along with an image makeover.

Financial appraisals enable businesses to assess their economic performance and identify optimization potential. Similarly, investors and organizations looking to divest, acquire or joint venture may need the support of independent consultants to carry operational and financial due diligence along with business valuations. Our services include as well generic strategy advice, liaising with legal advisors and assistance at the negotiation table.

Our consultants have undertaken many of such engagements involving companies and organizations in the US, Europe and the MENA region. 

> Market Entry Strategy

Developing a winning market entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of multiple factors, in a planned sequential manner. Some of the relevant factors that are important in deciding the viability of entry into a particular market include trade barriers, localized knowledge, price localization, competition and export subsidies to name a few. The end-objective is to be to articulate through the proper framework a competitive strategy tailored to the case at hand. Typically, we’d be looking at for example:

  • A thorough understanding of each geographical market of interest, looking at local industry trends, key players common denominators of success, supply and demand characteristics
  • Market entry business model (Franchise, License, JV etc.)
  • Geographical deployment sequence and roll-out plan
  • Brand & product strategy to include brand rationale, positioning, pricing, aspiring target audience, target market share etc.
  • Distribution channels and business models (B2C, B2B, ecommerce)
  • Sales and marketing approach
> Implementation Support Program

As hands-on consultants, our team is ready to actively support and supervise the implementation of our recommendations, to the dot. Be it at arm’s length, or through an on-board scheme whereby we would detach one or more team members to operate full-time within our clients premises for a specific period of time, we commit to make it happen.

> Business Valuation

We provide substantial experience in business valuation to start-ups when raising capital or to business owners/investors looking at mergers, sales or acquisitions.

Business valuation is a strategic, commercial and financial process used to determine what a business is worth. While this sounds easy enough, getting your business valuation done right takes preparation and thought. While it may seem to be solely a financial exercise, we believe that in order to estimate a proper value for any given business, we need first to understand such business the ground-up. Hence, our valuation framework would typically see us at first spend some time immersing ourselves in the business at hand, to understand objectively its past, current and potential future situation. Based on relevant market data and the latest valuation techniques, our business valuation consultants perform an in-depth analysis to provide you with an accurate and defensible business valuation report.

> Asset Management

As asset manager, Lumen will represent property owners to safeguard their interests, maximize the value of their assets while speaking the same language of the operator. Having worked on both sides of the fence, Lumen lead consultants are well set to provide such services.

> Franchise Assistance & Brand Representation

Lumen’s franchise assistance and brand representation activities support brand owners expand their reach. Whether a promising brand looking at structuring its growth through franchising or an established institution looking at alternatives to boost its prevalent organic growth, our consultants have the tools and international connections to make it happen:

  • Tailor-made Franchise Manuals
  • Franchise Department Set-up
  • Franchising Assistance