Law Chou Ma Sar

21-09-2016 -- admin

#LawChouMaSar is an initiative born from the desire to stimulate the manufacturing and creative sectors in Lebanon, and to stop Lebanon’s youth from migrating outside the country in search of better opportunities.

Literally translating to ‘No Matter What’, the campaign was launched by the Lebanese Franchise Associate and has already reached a national level of exposure.

Transgressing the level of a trending hashtag, it has fast become a movement encouraging the Lebanese population to face hardships at all levels and to succeed in their respective industries.

The idea is that every company, organization, or individual films a video that reflects his or her own individual style and concept, and shares a unique success story to serve as inspiration for others.

As a company based and working out of Lebanon, Lumen Hospitality Consultants related to the campaign on more dimensions than one, and decided to get in touch with the #LawChouMaSar crew and contribute. We invited them to visit Lumen’s offices and film our team in action, and to capture and transmit our message.

Our statement was candid:

1.      Create employment and support development opportunities for the Lebanese youth

2.      Train and educate the new generation

3.      Cement global confidence in Lebanese consultancy

Lumen is based in Lebanon, and Lumen remains in Lebanon #LawChouMaSar!


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