Food Trucks as a New Food Experience

26-04-2016 -- admin

As consumers evolve and move for the traditional "food as a need" perception towards a "food as an experience" approach, the food truck industry is gaining in popularity. Today, 54% of customers see food trucks as an alternative to fast food restaurants.

In the last few years, this industry has grown to become a food segment with its own rules, services, products and techniques. Food trucks are no longer uncommon, even in the MENA region, and are becoming more and more popular. Hot spots for food trucks are schools, parks, fairs and events, nightlife avenues, business districts and shopping centers. 

Creatives, green chefs, non-conformists and unemployed people often grab this low barrier to entry opportunity to open shop. Costs are significantly lower than other alternatives, like franchises and renting a restaurant. The average cost to get started with a food truck service in the Middle-East is somewhere around $50,000 including the cost of purchasing a truck, a legal license, a fit-out equipment, renting a location and paying for parking fees, and packaging and branding.

Food trucks also a good value for money for customers who pay an average of $4-$8 to grab a quick bite. Most common menus offered are tacos (24%), ethnic food (21%), sandwiches (13%), burgers (11%) and pizzas (8%). The major categories of food truck consumers are the adventurous, the price conscious, the busy and the trendy.

Lumen Hospitality Consultants has investigated this new "food as an experience" service and brings you in this infographic and article some meaningful insights for existing businesses who are interested by this new type of distribution channel or start-ups with low investment budget and creative ideas.

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