Abou Chanab is Taking its Second Step!

18-10-2016 -- admin

Opening soon its second branch in Mansourieh end of this year, Abou Chanab is putting in motion its growth ambition.

The first branch in Baabdat has been performing well since launch six months ago and surprisingly swiftly built a strong reputation for its shawarma. Leveraging the kitchen set-up in place and the resources already available, the idea is to branch-out in a city that is not too far with a relatively small outlet that would be supplied by the first. Doing so would allow to increase cost efficiency for both outlets and minimize the investment needed in the second shop in terms of kitchen equipment and set-up. With the purchase of refrigerated van, the first shop would transfer to the second, on a daily basis, all the needed food products, ready to cook such as the marinated shawarma or ready to serve such as the mezza and sauces.

Aside the cost efficiency benefits, the brand would as well benefit in equity and send a message to the market, on the intentions and ambitions.

Finally, operating two outlets is a bridge to structuring a multi-unit operation, in terms of back of house, logistics and reporting.

On the mid-term, the aim would be to operate successfully at least 3 outlets in Lebanon, to set-up properly the business and take the time to groom it for an international expansion. The sky is the limit!

2016-10-18 00:00:00